What’s The Diff Between Escorts & Prostitutes in Singapore?

While agencies and websites in different countries may operate differently, due to different regulations and laws of that said country, here it is for Singapore.

Escorts and prostitutes are not supposed to be the same.

Take this simple example.

If a guy walks down a street to a Singaporean university girl and offers her money for sexual services and she accepts. Is she a prostitute? Yes she is in that transaction.

However, is she also a student? Yes for the time being when she is still studying at a school.

Legal escorts are not supposed to be contracted for sexual services, or that will be known as prostitution of another person, also known as pimping – which IS illegal in Singapore.

Can a working adult in Singapore’s Raffles Place CBD be a prostitute sometimes? Possible.

What you have to realize is that when you engage a social escort, you are basically engaging a paid companion whom is often female.

While this distinction may sound confusing to those who have heard about it in the first time, it is a very clear and different meaning legally.

If you want a companion, then find an escort. If you want sexual services, then search for a brothel.

Watch the following video to learn more about the differences between social escorts and prostitutes in Singapore!

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